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PAHA in Poland - Krakow and Gdansk, May 2012

PAHA Board and members attended two conference in Poland in May and June 2012.  First, on May 28-29, 2012, several PAHA members participated in the Fifth Workshop on American Ethnicity at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.  The photo below was taken at the University and includes German university professors who participated in the event along with Prof. Brian McCook.

The photo album from the Krakow conference is posted on Picasa Web Albums: PAHA - Krakow, May 2012. The following presentations were made by PAHA members:

Brian McCook: "Hard Coal, Hard MEn: Polish Masculinity in the Coalfields of Pennsylvania"

James Pula: "Remembering Poland, but not Polonia"

Neal Pease: "Stanley Ketchel, the 'Michigan Assassin' - The First Polish American Sports Champion"

Maja Trochimczyk: "Created by Stalin, Embraced by Emigrants: Mazowsze and Slask and the Polish Folk Dance in California"

In addition, Dr. Ewa Barczyk of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Prof. Adam Walaszek and Prof. Dorota Praszalowicz of Jagiellonian University have chaired sessions.

The conference proceedings will be published in book format and the deadline for submission of papers is August 31, 2012. 

During a luncheon hosted by the Consulate General of the U.S. at Avanti restaurant in Krakow, Maja Trochimczyk presented the 2011 Modjeska Prize to actress Anna Dymna for her outstanding contribution  to Polish culture.  A report from this event is posted on the Modjeska Club Blog.

The attendees included the Public Affairs Officer in the US General Consulate in Krakow Benjamin Ousley Naseman, and Mrs. Maria Brzostek the Educational Adviser in the Consulate, the President of the Board of Directors of the Polish American Historical Association, Prof. Neal Pease, the President of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America, Prof. Mieczysław B.B. Biskupski, Prof. Dorota Praszałowicz of the Jagiellonian University, and many other scholars from several countries who participated in the Fifth Workshop on “American Ethnicity: Rethinking Old Issues, Asking New Questions” organized by Prof. Praszałowicz and her team.

Photos from the Modjeska Prize Ceremony are posted on Picasa Web Albums:  Modjeska Club - Anna Dymna's Award.  

Krakow is one of the most delightful and beautiful cities of Europe, especially if you start the day from listening to the hejnal, as I did on May 28, 2012 : Played from the top of the tower at Kosciol Mariacki at every hour, to the four directions of the world, the hejnal was a warning sign for the medieval city. The melody is interrupted in the exact spot where it was ended by an arrow of a Tartar invader back in the 12th century. They killed the watchman who played the melody then, but did not conquer the great city.


East-Central Europe in Exile: Patterns of Transatlantic Migrations
University of Gdansk, May 31 to June 4, 2012

The Semi-Annual PAHA Board meeting was held on May 31 at the University of Gdansk and Board members (almost the entire Board was present, in person, including Stephen Leahy who traveled from China and Maja Trochimczyk from Los Angeles).

The Board meeting was one of the events of the extensive and exciting conference organized by the Department of History at the University of Gdansk, East-Central Europe in Exile.  Additional reports about the Conference program and participants will be posted here in the next weeks.

Anna Mazurkiewicz's album from a trip to the Emigration Museum in Gdynia:

Stephen Leahy posted various pictures from the conference events and presentations:

Conference Proceedings - Album by Stephen Leahy

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